Monday, July 30-Sunday, July 6

Wednesday, July 2:
Sally Head, Velveteen Pink. Tasty World. 10 p.m. $5.
(Thanks to M.K.Y. for this one...Sally Head is a duo from Brooklyn and joining them is the funk band you always wanted to be in, Velveteen Pink. Go to the damn show, fools!)

Thursday, July 3:
The Dumps, Hayride, Lake City. Tasty World, 10 p.m. $5.

Friday, July 4:
Twin Tigers, Mouser, Abe Vigoda, POPO, Sweet Teeth. The Secret Squirrel. 10 p.m. $5.
(I just found out about this for your Independence Day pleasure. They aren't kidding about the whole "secret" squirrel thing. It's kinda hard to find out about shows...)

Saturday, July 5:
Gift Horse, An Epic at Best, Lions Tigers & Bears, Down With the Woo. Caledonia Lounge. 10 p.m. $6 (21+), $7 (18+).
(This is An Epic at Best's farewell performance).

If you just have to be in Atlanta Saturday here's some shows with reasons why you can't go...
Chunklet Magazine presents Boris, Torche, Clouds. The Earl. (ATL) 9:30 p.m.$13-$15.
The Earl.
(Torche rocks too loudly for your precious virgin ears so go see Gift Horse in Athens).

Fleet Foxes, the Duchess & the Duke, Long Knives. The Drunken Unicorn. (ATL)
9 p.m.$10. The Drunken Unicorn.
(Good luck getting into this one. Too many kids reading Pitchfork for you to go to this show so just come see my show in Athens at Caledonia or just stay at home and ponder your own sadness).

Tom Waits. The Fox Theatre. (ATL) 8 p.m.$67-$87. Fox Theatre.
($87?! Well fuck me Tom Waits!)

Seriously, if you don't do anything else this week go see the Velveteen Pink/Sally Head show at Tasty World on Wednesday, The Dumps/Lake City show at Tasty World on Thursday, Twin Tigers at Secret Squirrel on Friday the 4th, and since you can't go to any of the Atlanta shows on Saturday you should go to Caledonia to see Gift Horse. I'll be there man! That is all.


I have to write something about Israeli band Monotonix. Simply put, I think that everyone should go see this band . They tour the states extensively and I make it a point to go see them everytime they come through Athens. The first time I saw them at the Secret Squirrel, I was almost knocked out by an enormous (and heavy) stuffed giraffe that somebody drilled me in the head with. The second time I saw them at the 40 Watt, the lead singer stuck the mic down his pants and then shoved it in my face. He almost broke my tooth. The third time I saw them, which was last night at Go Bar, the show began with the lead singer pulling down his pants and showing everyone a spot where the sun rarely shines. It ended with the drums being carried outside to the sidewalk, where an officer of the law was already waiting to issue a ticket for people spilling over onto the sidewalk. Somewhere in the middle of all this the lead singer grabbed a trash can from the bar and poured it on the drummer's head. Then he threw it at the guitarist and busted his face wide open. Most of their shows end with a crowd participation bit where the drummer is hoisted up by the audience while sitting on his kick drum and playing the rest of the kit, which is also being hoisted up by the audience. Actually the entire show is a crowd participation bit. If any of this sounds like fun to you then you should probably go enjoy. Here's a clip of them doing six shows in one day with their old drummer (who used to play standing up):

Here's a Chunklet magazine SXSW show with the new drummer:

Anyhow, the hype machine appears to be turning its gears for 'em, so chances are they will become much bigger than they already are. It's easy to overlook the fact that they are also a great band and the music is great if you like deep, headbanging metal guitar tones played over jungly beats and English words sang by someone who really doesn't speak too much English. One of the best bands I've seen to date.

June 23-29

Tuesday, June 24:
Ponderosa, Ski Club. Tasty World. 10 p.m. $5.

Thursday, June 26:
Monotonix + special guests. Go Bar. 10 p.m.

Daniel Johnston w/ The Hymns. Variety Playhouse. (ATL) 8:30 p.m.$20-$22.

Sleepy Horses, Holy Liars. 40 Watt. 9 p.m. $5-$7.

Merle Haggard. 7:30 p.m.$35-$55. Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. (ATL)

Zoroaster, Black Tusk. Drunken Unicorn. (ATL) 9 p.m.

Friday, June 27:
Harvey Milk, Tenement Halls. 40 Watt. 9 p.m. $8.

Willie Nelson. 7 p.m.$45.50-$97.50. Chastain Park Ampitheatre. (ATL)

Saturday, June 27:
Maserati, Summerbirds in the Cellar. 40 Watt. 9 p.m. $7-$9.

Sunday, June 29:
Vic Chesnutt. The Melting Point. 7 p.m. $13.50 (advance), $15 (door).

Blue Flashing Light. Smith's Olde Bar (ATL). 8 p.m. $5.


Athfest was much different for me this year than it was last year. In 2007 I spent most of the festival in a drunken stupor, trying not to go to either the hospital or jail. But coming very close to going to both. Twice. See here for more details if you like. This year was sober (relatively) and I payed more attention. I missed a few of the bands that I wanted to see (Twin Tigers, A.Armada, Cinemechanica) but also saw some really great acts like Ninja Gaiden Band at the Georgia Theatre, Pegasuses-XL at the 40 Watt, and Blue Flashing Light and Dark Meat on the outdoor stage. Don't know if I'm starting to come around on Dark Meat or not, but I think they were remarkably better than they were the last time I saw them. The set we (Gift Horse) played was a very fun one, and we were immediately informed after the show that we would never play the venue again due to our wrecking the stage, being too loud, and committing other sins and acts of debauchery. So, that's a good sign.
I liked this year's festival much better than last year's, and although it would have been nice to have some acts like Dead Confederate and The Whigs playing the festival again, they both missed it because they are touring the globe extensively so one can't be too upset. By the way, heard Dead Confederate played a helluva set at Bonnaroo this year and were called back out to play an encore. Anyhow, there were no injuries, no cops coming to my house, no babies at keg parties, and no looking at B Scar's asscrack (all things that happened last year). So I guess I could say that things are looking up for ol' Miguel.

miles i walked from my house to downtown: 5
temperature Saturday afternoon: 750
people in the 40 watt for Cinemechanica Saturday night: too damn many
times i puked: 0
times i almost puked: 1
tubas in the horn section for Dark Meat: 1
guys playing guitar solos on the shoulders of another guy: 1 (pegasuses)
minutes it took the kid to beat ninja gaiden: about 25 or so
tv's full of lights kicked over: 2

So that's my take. I encourage anybody else to include their own experiences. As always, check out all of the bands mentioned above over here <--.

In the Papers

This week's Flagpole lists sets from Gift Horse, Blue Flashing Light, A.Armada, and Twin Tigers as its can't miss shows of Athfest.

Yesterday's Red & Black has Gift Horse and Pegasuses-XL listed as "the bands you don't know but should see" at Athfest. (Even though the article says that Gift Horse is playing Friday...our set is Saturday @ Little Kings @ midnight).

Check out all of these bands over there<--.

June 18-22

As far as I'm concerned, nothing is happening this week until Athfest begins. I'm not even researching anything else to see whats going on around here. At the request of my older bro, I've written an Athfest 08 guide for their UGA sports blog Catfish and Cornbread. I'm quite glad that I wrote it because it helped me figure out which bands I'm going to see this week, and it got linked on which resulted in a few hits for their blogspot and a few peeps reading my Athfest guide. This pleases me. So anyhow, if you'd like to know what's going on this weekend (or at least see who I'll be watching at Athfest) check out the links up above. See ya'll this weekend at the festival.

A Small Rant On Physical Location by travis

A dreamy starlite evening or a breezey morning car ride? Can one see the effectiveness of their decisions while lying face down in the ditch? Are those clear papers going to make a difference, will i die of cancer @ 48 instead of 47, or will i spend the last twenty years of my life lonely and bitter, foresight like a strobelight on the abused patrons of my past. Do you think coffee will actually keep the parkinson's and alhziemer's away or should i try castor oil, taste awful but so does shit and plenty of that has made home on my tounge. If the lady up the street calls animal control on my cats, is that my fault, or her's, or theirs? wHAT happened to art, drown in a commercial ocean, but the stuff that sank was never supposed to float, and the stuff that floats is few and far between, you are far more likely to see man made bouys, which float on the shoulders of the ignorant, powerful, insane crowd, smiling at you from the dark corner of what i thought was true, or at least feasible. This Is the Air-conditioned NightMare, while your lady sleeps, torturing what you would sacrifice everything for and absence of your presence is not an option.......we must watch the slaughter of our daughters through a thick glass pane which is unbreakable, unpassable on this dreamy starlite evening turning into a breezey morning car ride as i drive towards what is inevitable........................augusta sucks.

Sprockets Music Video Competition

Hey hey party people. The Dead Confederate, All The Saints, and Cubs show at the Secret (Pearl) was great, hot, fun, nice, and even awesome! I hurried over after getting off work and was bummed I missed All The Saints...... I lost my pants during the show but somehow my shoes and socks were strapped on tight. Just kidding about the pants thing I mentioned a little while ago.


Y'all all gotta go to the Sprockets Music Video Competition this Saturday, June 14 at the 40 Watt. I am a finalist this year for the video I directed for the song "To My Love Who Disappeared," for my band Blue Flashing Light. Come see some great Athens videos! I'm just happy as heck to be a part of it!!

You can see the video posted on our myspace page at

Come vote for the audience choice award, and stay for the delicious PBR!

» presenting sprockets 5! «

10pm • 40 Watt • $5 / $4 with AthFest wristband • Come vote for Audience Choice Award!

And don't forget about Thursday June 19th - we'll be presenting the award trophies (made by Athens artist Beverly Babb) for Best Music Video and Audience Choice Awards at the Flagpole Music Awards!

Below are the video entries that have been accepted into this year's show (in no particular order)...

the Foreigner
by the Buddyrevelles
directed by Joe Pickett

by Modern Skirts
directed by Jack Wallis

She's Nice to Me
by Jamie Radford
directed by Jamie Radford

Letting Go
by Chantelle Barry
directed by Ruckus Skye

by the Mule thieves
directed by John Stanek

Spinning Top
by the Curtains
directed by Jym Davis

That Don't Work That Well For Us
by Je Suis France
directed by Jason Bergeron

Drugged Out Angel
by the Visitations
directed by Dickie Cox

To My Love Who Disappeared
by Blue Flashing Light
directed by J.J. Bower

by the Vinyl Strangers
directed by Kaitlin Knapp

by Heather Heyn
directed by Karen Freed & Alexander Taylor

Clap Paws
by the Buddy System
directed by Craig Sheldon & Lauren Gregg

by Russian Spy Camera
directed by Ryan White & Bryan Redding

A Ghost To Most
by Drive-By Truckers
directed by Jason Thrasher

Bless Me
by Fabulous Bird
directed by Peter Alvanos

by Hope for Agoldensummer
directed by Jason Miller

Elephant Radio
by Noogeez
directed by Safi Kheshgi & Ken Starratt

the Sequence
by Future Ape Tapes
directed by Zach Cowan

Save Us
by the 63 Crayons
directed by Whistling School For Boys

New Improved Formula
by Spring Tigers
directed by Taylor Coggin & Brian Smith

Montauk Soldiers
by the Cubs
directed by Rob Tiffin & Ben Lamm

When Jesus Comes He Takes My Brain
by Bekah and the Father Figures
directed by Andrew Cayce & Bill Paul & Terence McManus

by Son 1
directed by Richard Fasshauer

Weekend Death Knell
by Blak Thor
directed by Blak Thor

Horse Mountain
by the Buddy System
directed by Craig Sheldon & Lauren Gregg

by Down with the Woo
directed by Winston Parker & Eddie Whelan

by Kite To the Moon
directed by Eric Krasle

Thank you to all the folks who entered!

Sprockets 5 is sponsored by:

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June 9-15th

Here's a list of shit that's worth doing around Athens Monday, June 9th through Sunday, June 15th. I'll attempt to put this up every Monday in case anyone accidentally reads this. If I leave anything off that anyone knows about feel free to chime in...

Wednesday, June 11:
Twin Tigers, Gringo Star, Colour Revolt-- 40 Watt, 9 p.m. $8 (21+), $10 (18+).

(if you happen to be in Atlanta Wednesday, Mudhoney and Birds of Avalon are at the Earl,
8 p.m. $16-$18)

Thursday, June 12:
40 Watt Club, 9:30 p.m. FREE!
Random Duets
Featuring members of Casper & the Cookies, Cinemechanica, Twin Tigers, Dead Confederate, The Dumps, Elf Power, The Ginger Envelope and more!

Friday, June 13:
Music Hates You--40 Watt Club, 9 p.m. $1 (ladies), $3 (dudes).

The Breeders-- The Loft, (Atlanta), 9 p.m. $19

Okay, so I guess that's it for this week. There is a Friday the 13th in this week so at least you can cut fools up whilst wearing a hockey mask. This is my first week as blogmaster general but it appears as though this segment will have some Atl. info up in there too. I'm sure I will come across something else that will need to be added. (For example, the Sprockets video competition Saturday of which JJ is a part of...what?) If so it will be done. Unfortunately I missed Dead Confederate and All the Saints at the Secret Squirrel last night but I heard it was a good show.

Yet Another Athens Music Blog

There are alot of Athens music blogs out there. This one is going to deal with most of the bands and places that you see on the left side of the screen. Sometimes it will be purely informational, sometimes it will be opinionated, and sometimes it will have very little to do with Athens or music. Most of all I just want to do it so that I can focus on the music that I think is worth mentioning and let people in on this great little scene that we have. Of course it will be great if people will read it, but it's more important to just have a place to write. I've asked a few people to contribute, if you did receive an email from me inviting you to join in on the fun, feel free to do what you like as often or as little as you like. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, here's a taste of some of the music we will be focusing on:

I'll be writing as often as I can.