pics from the Missionaries video shoot

as promised, here are a few pics from the Missionaries video shoot. thanks again to all of our friends who came out and worked so hard all day. all photos courtesy of Gail Bjork.

new songs from our new album, new myspace page, new shows, new video

take a look at our new myspace page to hear some of the new tracks from the new album. we're getting closer to a release date, so stay tuned. 

also we've got some new shows in the works. look over there for more about that -->.

lastly, thanks to everyone who came out and devoted their entire sunday to helping us make a cool video. it's for the song Missionaries, which you can listen to by going to our new myspace page. it's directed by Jason Miller, who is a bad ass, and stars some of our pals, who are also bad asses. i'll have pictures and stuff later, and there will be a screening/party when it's done.