we just got back from nyc. here's how it went down, just the facts:

on monday, june 29 we left athens and headed to chapel hill, nc to play the Nightlight Club. chapel hill is a very very cool little town that reminds me a lot of my beloved athens, ga. The Winter Sounds played a great upbeat set right before us and then The Pneurotics rocked a fun one right after us. the crowd was great and the Nightlight is the jam.

on tuesday, june 30 we drove like mad to get to our brooklyn show at Trash Bar. we made it with time to spare, despite traffic. some driving notes: the worst traffic in the entire united states is in washington d.c. there are way too many tolls in delaware. new jersey is gross once you get close to nyc and you can't pump your own gas (what the hell is that?). anyhow, the city welcomes us as one of it's own. we play a loud fun set to a good crowd and then stay up till about 6 a.m. welcome to new york!

on wednesday, july 1 we take the train from our friend's place in manhattan to prospect park in brooklyn, where our pals Kuroma are playing a show at the bandshell with MGMT. we get off the train and walk for 2 1/2 hours around the park looking for the amphitheatre. turns out it was about 10 minutes from the train station. but the walk was beautiful and that park is really nice. waterfalls and forests in the middle of brooklyn. the show is incredible and about 10 or 15,000 people show up. back in manhattan after the show we get on top of our friend's building and look around the lower east side of the city. gorgeous.

thursday, july 2 was our last day in the city, so we had to go see times square, radio city music hall, the empire state building, bryant park, and the nyc public library. after all that junk, we played a show at Piano's in manhattan with Kuroma and Acrylics. the bill was unbelievably good for this show and the crowd jammed into the bar to see it. really good music. that's about all you can say. then we drove home.

nyc by the numbers:
-total cost of parking our van: $179.48
-slices of pizza eaten: oh god
-number of times someone projectile vomited out of our van
  and onto the brooklyn sidewalk: 1
-miles walked: too damn many
-miles driven: 1,678.11 (give or take a few steps)
-times i stepped in dog crap on clinton street: 1
-times we accidently drove across the williamsburg bridge: 1

thanks to all of our friends who let us crash at their places on this trip (you know who you are). it was fun and it looks like we will be going back in august. i'll take pictures next time. see ya then.