sorry for the hiatus! we've been really busy, but here's some news:

-Mountain of Youth is officially out in most formats now and a trip to our myspace page will reveal a whole host of ways to purchase it. all of the appropriate links are at the very top of the page.

-check out our feature article in this week's Flagpole. although the cd release show has already come and gone, it's still a good read...

-speaking of that release show, thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Caledonia on Friday night. hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

-notice the new dates over there-->. we're pumped to be doing some of these with our good buddies Twin Tigers. they're hot shit. heads up east coast.

-it's slightly old news, but SxSW was tons o' fun. multiple peeps say that the 40 Watt's day party at Sidebar was one of the best shows of the entire festival despite the strangely cold weather. Austin has got to be one of the greatest cities on the planet. Athens was very well represented.

alright that's enough for now, i'll think of some more stuff to tell you about later.