New Jamz

Here's the latest stuff we got. Not sayin' it's what you would call "100% good" or "just released" but they are the most recent albums passed around among the souls in our camp:

Boris-Akuma No Uta, Health-Health, Black Skies-Hexagon, Sleep-Jerusalem, Liars-Liars, Beck-Modern Guilt, Motorhead-Motorhead, Melvins-Nude With Boots, Abe Vigoda-Skeleton, Atlas Sound-Things I'll Miss EP, Creedence Clearwater Revival-Cosmo's Factory, Nat King Cole-The Velvet Moods of Nat King Cole, Taj Mahal-Taj, Woman-Mazes and Open Letter/Black Black 7".

Gift Horse played a show with Knoxville's Woman at The Basement in Nashville TN last Friday. They were some really nice guys and a great band, and they were even decent enough to give us a few copies of their Mazes 12" and Open Letter/Black Black 7" on vinyl. Click the link and listen to a song called SSSubtle Lady, it's the jam.

Went to a record shop in Chattanooga called CHAD'S and found that the guy's collection was pretty wiped out, but Hunter purchased Robert Goulet-I Never Did As I Was Told for the artwork (50 cents). I can't seem to find this record cover, but check out the gallery of Goulet. On a serious note God rest his soul.

If life goes according to plan, the next 3 albums I buy will be:
Torche-Meanderthal, Harvey Milk-Life...the Best Game in Town, and Pegasuses-XL-The Antiphon.

Enjoy at risk, I like metal. I would like to say that I bought all of these albums in the last few weeks, but truthfully I'm not sure if I bought any of them. In fact, my friends bought most of these. Thanks guys I'm broke. You know, this whole "inflation" business going on and all.


Anonymous said...

Found the Goulet album cover. It doesn't get much more wholesome than this: I Never Did As I Was Told

JJ said...

Quick movie quote you reminded me of: "They got this depression going on.....I got to do for me and mine...."