thanks to everybody who was so good to us on tour. thanks for coming to see us play and letting us sleep at your house. thanks for the books, fly fishing movies and dim sum. thanks to Father Bill of the St. Francis Mission in Philly for the delicious coffee cake. thanks to Michael for the live camel at University of Maryland. thanks to Twin Tigers for everything. thanks to Blaze for killing it on the drums for both Gift Horse and Twin Tigers back to back most nights. thanks to Bambara for letting us borrow him. our friends in Athens and everyone we meet on the road collectively make it possible for us to do what we do. so thank you thank you.

we're proud to be nominated for a Flagpole Music Award again this year. we are up for best rock band and are humbled to be in a category beside The Whigs, Twin Tigers, Bambara, and Pride Parade. pretty rad. please go vote!


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